Chef Hitoshi

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For Chef Hitoshi, creating artfully crafted food is not something that he does – it is part of who he is, and Chef Hitoshi draws inspiration from the satisfaction and happiness that his one of a kind cuisine brings to his customers.

Chef Hitoshi found his way to the kitchen as a young boy, tasked with caring for his family during his father’s many hospitalizations.  Unable to perform medical miracles, the young Hitoshi did the one thing he knew how to do for his family:  he cooked, and the happiness that those meals brought his family members continues to sustain him to this day.  Among his father’s last words were a directive, urging the young Hitoshi to continue developing his talents:  “If you want to be a chef you must go to Osaka, the nation’s kitchen.”

Chef Hitoshi’s unique technique of combining warm rice with fresh fish produces outstanding results, one that keeps his customers coming back for more.  For years, Chef Hitoshi dreamed of reasonably priced but high quality sushi to his loyal followers.  Finally, with the opening of Butterfish, Chef Hitoshi’s dreams have become a reality, and Butterfish is quickly becoming the hottest omakase style sushi restaurant in New York.