Our Story

Butterfish is an authentic Japanese sushi restaurant under the Kosher supervision of the Orthodox Union (OU), serving the highest quality ingredients for an experience unlike any other.  Featuring impeccably sourced fresh fish, straight from the waters, every item served at Butterfish lives up to its name, literally melting in your mouth like butter.  Unlike traditional sushi bars, where the spotlight is on seeing the sushi being prepared, Butterfish focuses exclusively on superior taste, in order to provide our guests with the best sushi they have ever eaten.  The immensely gifted Chef Hitoshi Saito creates a stellar selection of affordably priced, artfully crafted, new age sushi that delights customers on a daily basis.

We also offer our guests the opportunity to dine at “Hitoshi’s Table”, a unique, chef’s table experience available by advance reservation only.









Chef Hitoshi


For Chef Hitoshi, creating artfully crafted food is not something that he does.  It is part of who he is and Chef Hitoshi draws inspiration from the satisfaction and happiness that his one of a kind cuisine brings to his customers.

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